How to get your personal gamercard:

First, you need to register with this website. Once you have activated your account, you can login and set your PSNID, select the game your currently playing, select your trophies and select your level.

Once you have collected your data, you save your gamercard. You will be shown a personal embed code which you can copy and paste on your website.


That's it! Have fun with this widget. And remember: it is in beta so if you run into any problems or have a great idea please post on our forums.

How to select your trophies
Find your game in the trophies list (using the quick search box in the top on this website or using the "trophies" link). Next to every trophy (on the right) there's a small link "Add". When you click this link the trophy will be added to your gamercard.

How to test your gamercard
You can test your gamercard on our forums. Go to this thread and post the following BB Code to display your gamercard:
NEW: Just go to the homepage of the website, look for the gamercard and enter your psn id in the textfield below. Your gamercard will start playing automatically!



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